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Moe’s Moving Can Handle Long-Distance Relocation

Moving a long distance can seem rather overwhelming logistically. How do you get all your belongings safely to your new location hundreds of miles away? The easiest way to coordinate a move like this is to hire a long-distance moving company with experience. Moe’s Moving can provide you with the support and help you need as you embark on your journey to your new home or business location. We have the team and experience needed to plan long-distance moves out of state and will ensure all your cherished items arrive at your new home.

Long-Distance Moves Require Extra Planning

When you’re planning a long-distance move, there are many things to consider. All of your items must be packed up and loaded. Once all your belongings are ready, you have to plan the route you’re going to take, factor in time to stop for gas, plan to stay overnight if it’s more than a single-day trip, and so on. For this reason, a long-distance move usually requires additional planning than an in-town one. Hiring a professional mover can make the entire process easier and ensure a seamless transition to your new space. Our team will be able to plan all the logistics of your long-distance move.

Preparing for Your Long-Distance Move

The time leading up to a move out of state can be very stressful. You’ll likely feel on edge or feel like you’re forgetting something. The best way to combat this stress is to prepare ahead of time for the move. Start early by working with a professional moving company that has experience in these types of moves. This will help to calm some of your nerves and make the entire process easier. We’ve put together a few tips to help you better prepare:

  • Make a Plan: Work with your moving company from the beginning to make a plan for your move. Set dates for when items should be ready for packers and make goals for yourself to ensure you stick to the plan.
  • Sort Your Items: You don’t want the movers to show up and not be ready for them. Several weeks before your move, you need to start sorting your items to determine what is making the move with you and what can be donated or sold.
  • Keep Out Anything You Need: Make sure to keep out enough clothes for your family to make the journey to your new home. Also, any important documents you may need on the trip should be kept in your personal suitcase.
  • Trust Your Mover: It’s important to trust the expertise of your mover. If you’ve found an experienced company, you can count on the fact that they’ve done many moves just like this and know what they’re doing.

How Much Does Long Distance Moving Cost?

The price of long-distance moving will vary depending on how many items you must move and how far you’re traveling. Though the cost of relocating to a long-distance destination will be more expensive than moving within the same city, our team works to keep prices affordable. We can provide you with a detailed estimate of our services before the move, so you won’t be surprised by the cost and can properly plan a budget for your relocation.

Why Choose Our Team?

When looking for a moving company to complete your long-distance relocation, you want to find someone with proven experience in executing complicated out-of-state moves. There is a lot of planning required to ensure a move of this kind goes smoothly, and our team will ensure we have everything under control. We are the team to choose for the following reasons:

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the business.
  • Our team has the equipment needed to safely move your items.
  • We have a keen eye for detail and keep a detailed inventory to make sure all items make it to your destination.
  • Our team works around the clock to get your belongings to your new home.

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Is your family moving to a new state? Are you planning to relocate your business? A big move can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Moe’s Moving is here to take care of everything for you. We can even pack and prepare your items for transport and offer temporary storage solutions if you need a place to store your belongings. Please reach out to us today for additional information or to request a quote for your move.

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